Who we Are

Company Overview


Citadel Holdings Limited “Citadel” is a Tanzanian company that partners with investors from across the world “partners” in providing private equity instruments for financing the development, construction and expansion of different projects and companies, primarily in Tanzania with access to other Southern African Development Community (SADC) countries.

We invest in entrepreneurs whose ideas and value systems are consistent with those of our founders. We partner with innovative leaders with unique ideas, strong management teams, and demonstrated ability to help us achieve our strategic goal of a maximum long term return to our shareholders. Providing equity investments from within our own family of investors with a solid, proven track record.


With our global experience and mission to ignite change, embrace creativity and innovation, and inspire growth within businesses, we collaborate with our partners to offer solutions through innovative and tailor-made strategies to solve crucial and complex challenges in the ever-changing world. As a means to an end, we focus on constant monitoring based on the changes in the business environment.

Citadel is a strategic risk taker spreading for business risks, creating links that cannot be easily duplicated with the focus of being distinct from competitors for sustainable competitive advantage.


Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance (CG) is an integral part of our business policies and guidelines. We believe CG assures society with confidence in the fairness and transparency of our operations and drives the firm towards competitiveness. CG also fosters confidence among our business allies in business dealings, thus adding to the sustainable value of partners and balanced interests among all stakeholders, society and the environment.

Sustainable Development

Citadel operates its business in alignment with a sustainability strategy by maintaining a balance of being a High-Performance Firm (HPF) and a commitment to the continuous improvement of knowledge and innovation. Our sustainability strategy includes good Corporate Governance (CG), management and work processes. We abide by business ethics including transparency, fairness, and traceable operations; strict adherence to the country’s laws and regulations; due attention to environmental management; and improvement of the quality of life of society and communities.

Community Impact

As part of our philanthropic approach, citadel is socially accountable to itself, its stakeholders and the public. We believe in making the world a better place while sharing is caring. We are conscious with the kind of impact we have to the society,we operate in a way that we enhance the society in one way or the other. Our belief is to share whatever we make by giving back through donations and charity works to the vulnerable society.For every chance we get, a life is touched to bring back a smile and hope!!