“Building strong partnerships and creating tangible investments, for the sustainability of future business Growth.”


Enhancing Creativity, Fostering Innovation and Inspiring Growth.

We ignite change and inspire growth by deliberately identifiying and selecting businesses in pursuit of investments that meet our criteria while ensuring strong investments impacting social and economic aspects with a primary focus on women and youth. We actively encourage creativity and innovation in business.

Our Approach

Citadel Holdings Limited has developed a model that will enhance high economic, social, and environmental returns from investments by securing rights through its strategies.


Start Ups & Halts

Citadel’s team will identify commercially viable projects that have well-done feasibility studies, been developed to a point where they can be acquired for a reasonable price, or have stalled, whether for lack of development experience or lack of funds.

Our Partners will provide equity financing but more importantly will use our team, network and experience to develop and manage the projects.

Acquisitions & Take-Overs

Citadel and its Partners invest in established businesses that are looking to expand or that require financing to implement a new strategy or that are being sold or divested.

Our strategies allow us to retain equity stakes in the project companies to ensure that its investments are well managed and have a positive impact on the communities and environment around them.